The event will take place at Hyvinkää church. The address: Hämeenkatu 16, 05800 Hyvinkää

Hyvinkää is located 50km from Helsinki-Vantaa International airport ( 135km from Tampere airport ).

The classes raced will be:

PR-24 ( an individual event )




Entry fees: 10€ per class

Preliminary schedule:

Thursday 25th practise for Finnish drivers.

Friday 26th practise for non-host drivers. PR-24 race starting at 7PM.

Saturday 27th F1-32&ES-32 race.

Sunday 28th ES-24 race.

Race format: 1 min qualifying, 8X4 or 5min finals ( depending the amount of participants ). Drivers will be placed to finals according to their qualifying positions ( fastest in qualifying will be driving in the last heat )

Accommodation: There is a possibility of accommodation in the race place if you bring an air mattress and a sleeping bag (or equivalent). Information about the Hotels of Hyvinkää can be found from

Hotel Cumulus.

Hotel Rantasipi.


All classes will run to ISRA 2006 rules and regulations except PR-24 according to Finnish regulations ( Only Mura or Pro-Slot parts allowed; can, single magnets and endbell parts. Only bronze bushings allowed. Can and magnets cannot be altered except 3X4mm hole can be cutted for the rear axle. Free choice of ( G12 ) arm, spacers, bronze bushings, brushes, springs , screws, shunt wires and insulators. Motor may be shimmed and honed. The legal bodies are:

EasySlot : Renault Laguna (1004), Honda Accord (1009), Audi A4 (1011)

BPA : Volvo C70ST, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda Accord type C 050

Betta : 1995 Opel Calibra V6, 1999 VW Beetle RSL, 1999 Audi TT-R-DTM, 2001 Vauxhall Astra BTC, 2002 Mini Cooper

Chassis& all the dimensions & rules according to ISRA 2006 rulebook.

ISRA RuleBook 2006.

Trophies to top eight drivers.

Driving directions:

From South ( Helsinki ). Drive road E12 and take right to Hyvinkää from the ABC gas station. Drive this road ( Läntinen yhdystie ) until you cross the railway bridge. After bridge turn right to Kauppalankatu. Drive through Kauppalankatu and take left from the traffic lights. Drive about 200m and take left again. The track is located in the building to the right side of the triangular church.

From North ( Tampere ). Drive road E12 and take left to Hyvinkää from the ABC gas station and follow the driving directions above.

Registration: By email to Matti Fyhr at latest 21.5.2006

Further information can be found from Finslot SlotTalk Forum.

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If you have any special questions please email matti.fyhr(at)